How long should my horse be in training?
This is a common question, so I put together these programs to give you an idea! Keep in mind that this is very dependent on the individual horse. Age, physical condition, intelligence, mental stamina, etc. will all impact the horse's progress.

Tune up program - approx 1-3 months

Preparing a finished horse for a show or getting a well trained horse back into shape 

Foundation program - approx. 3-5 months
The basics. Walk, jog, lope both directions. Softness & flexion. Some lateral work and pivots.

Fully finished - approx 12-24 months

Take a horse from start to finish in a specific discipline. Usually adding disciplines from this point forward will take less time (for example, after a year of western pleasure training, you can begin training for trail class and may be show ready in only a few months)

"I know that horse ownership is not a mediocre investment! I believe that good training is beneficial for horses in all stages of life. I will work with you to develop a training plan to fit the individual needs of you and your horse to help you reach your goals." -Sami Jo

Training session: $25
Approximately 1 hour. Will train at your farm for an additional $10 within 15 miles.

Full training package: $750

Includes stall board, daily lunging & showmanship, and 5 training sessions per week.

May be customized to fit your budget & needs.


The following is a list of specializations:

  • Starting under saddle
  • Showmanship
  • Lunge line
  • Western pleasure
  • Hunter under saddle
  • Patterns
  • Trail
  • Reining
  • Lead changes
  • Desensitization
  • Gymkhana
  • Jumping (low level)