Take advantage of our grooming services to save you time and save your clothes from being coated in dirt and horse hair! Whether you desire daily grooming to get your horse’s skin and coat in the best possible condition, clipping to take off excess winter fuzz, or a full show preparation, we are here to help!

Full grooming    $5 or $25/week

    (curry, hard brush, soft brush, coat sheen, mane and tail, hoof pick)

- Full grooming is for boarders only. Grooming will take place after daily turnout. -

Bathing             $15

warm water bath                       

Banding            $15

Braiding            $50

General clip       $25

    ears, facial whiskers, fetlocks, bridle path

Full legs & facial markings$20

Show groom            $25/client/show day - $50 minimum

    (full grooming, touch ups for horse & exhibitor, lunging, tack up, warm up)