Board/Training Packages

*Updated August 2017. Pricing subject to change.*

Stall board is $350 per month

  • Includes hay and grain twice daily (supplements if you provide), stall cleaning at least once per day, bedding, salt block, and daily turnout (weather permitting).
  • Hay is a high quality 2nd cutting grass/alfalfa mix. We feed Tribute grain, including Essential K and Kalm N EZ. There may be an additional feed expense if your horse requires excessive feed to maintain weight. 

Pasture board is $220 per month

  • Includes free choice hay or pasture, grain, salt blocks, water (heated in the winter), and large shelter.
  • Hay is 1st cutting grass/alfalfa mix round bales. Grain is Tribute Essential K.


  • Lessons & training sessions are offered to boarders for $18.75 each (4 for $75)
  • Full training (5 sessions per week) is an additional $325 per month
  • Grooming after daily turnout (curry, hard brush, soft brush, coat sheen, mane and tail, hoof pick). $5 or $25 per week.
  • Hauling is $1 per horse per mile

Additional Information

  • Farriers are Ashley Cole & Dean McCracken, or you may use your own farrier.
  • Vets are Clinton Vet Service and Mid MI Equine, or you may use your own vet.
  • Annual deworming packages available for purchase - SS Equestrian Center will administer and keep all of the horses on the same deworming schedule.

*Grooming services also available.

*Click here for additional training information.

*Click here for additional lesson information.


SS Equestrian Center is conveniently located less than 3 miles west of downtown Owosso. We offer board which can be customized to individual needs. Horses are fed a high quality 2nd cutting grass/alfalfa mix hay and a 14% equine pellet. Amenities include 12’x12’ and 10’x12’ matted and bedded stalls, 20'x8' indoor/outdoor stalls, 65’x130’ indoor riding arena, 50’ round pen, outdoor pastures, indoor and outdoor wash areas, tack room, intense fly control in summer months, and 100 acres of fields and woods open for exploration. An arena observation balcony, bathroom, and tack room temperature control are being added in the near future.  Owner lives on-site.

    •  Sami Jo Sovis        989-413-4514
      -Owner & operator
      -Instructor, specializing in show lessons

      Arin Monahan            989-397-9739    
      -Barn manager & farm hand

      Karley VanWormer        989-413-4903
      -Instructor, specializing in show lessons

      Tessa Savage            270-705-2936
      -General assistant & farm hand

Rules and Information

  • Please provide the following supplies:
    • Halter and lead rope
    • Fly spray, fly mask, fly sheet, stall fan (May-September)
    • Medium or heavyweight winter blanket (Nov-March)
    • Lightweight turnout blanket for spring/fall (Sept-May)
    • Supplements, if desired
    • Grooming and wash supplies, if desired (also provided)
  • Use of indoor arena will be limited during lesson times and special events.
  • Any family or friend that visits the barn with you MUST sign a release form.
  • All riders under 18 years are REQUIRED to wear a ASTM/SEI approved riding helmet.
  • Clean up after yourself - sweep aisles, put things back, turn off lights, etc.
  • No drama! Practice good sportsmanship!
  • Stall cleaning, watering, and feeding is much appreciated, but please leave a note or let me know so that I know the horse has been pooping, drinking, and eating!
  • No smoking.


"You can rest easy knowing that your horse is in good hands! I treat every horse on the farm as if they were my own. I do what I can to keep board costs reasonable without sacrificing quality, safety, or well-being. I encourage togetherness among the boarder family by hosting several events and activities throughout the year, as well as strictly enforcing a no drama rule! I keep the environment positive, clean, and organized to provide a comfortable experience at the barn." - Sami Jo